Project Structure

The iFEST work plan is set up to produce the following main deliverables:

  • an integration framework for establishing and maintaining tool chains
  • two prototypical tool chains, for streaming and industrial control applications; supporting the following engineering phases: requirements engineering, analysis, design, implementation, verification and validation, with special emphasis on hw/sw co-design
  • recommendations for life cycle support

Several industrial case studies will be drivers for the work to be performed in the project, ensuring that the needs of the industrial partners are met by iFEST. The project will use the integration framework to establish two tool chains for industrial control and data streaming. The work is organised in seven work packages, as follows:

 Work Package  Work Package Title  Lead Partner  Start month  End month
 WP1 Administrative and technical management  ABN  M1  M36
 WP2 Integration framework and standardisation  KTH  M1  M36
 WP3 Requirements engineering and analysis  VS  M1  M36
 WP4 Design and implementation  DUT  M1  M36
 WP5 Validation and verification  HON  M1  M36
 WP6 Design for life cycle support  SIE  M1  M24
 WP7 Industrial cases  TRT  M1  M36
  • WP1 handles project management issues.
  • WP2 develops the framework that provides integration technologies for creating tool chains, and handles standardisation issues. WP2 also integrates the partial tool chains provided by WP3-5 into two complete tool chains to be used in WP7.
  • Each of WP3-WP5 integrates tools into a partial tool chain using the framework and the integration technologies provided by WP2.
  • WP6 specifies the requirements for and gives recommendations on life cycle support; these requirements must be met by the partial tool chains of WP3-WP5 and the full tool chain of WP2.
  • WP7 implements the streaming and industrial control applications and assesses the performance of the tool chains: does the framework deliver the functionality required by the industrial cases and do the tool chains provide the anticipated efficiency?

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